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Olympic Park Trip for the A*spire group

Olympic Park Trip for the A*spire group
January 14, 2015 hdhsadmin

On the 21st January the advanced group of A*spire were fortunate enough to participate in a trip to the Olympic Park in Stratford. The task was to gather local people’s opinions about the Olympic park and its current renovations and how we could improve them. A*spire is a talented handpicked group of students who are predicted to achieve much in future GCSE’s in a range of core subjects (Maths, English, Science, Technology). Teachers provide tasks which test their knowledge/ skills to advance their learning.
They ventured up the London tourist attraction known as the Orbit, which provided a stunning overall view of London and the inside development of the Olympic park. The staff there were happy to participate in a survey of the future happenings around the park, the current facilities and upgrades. They were told facts about the history of the structure, such as it was constructed early May 2010 and was finished in late November 2012.
The members of the public were intrigued by their investigations and were willing to assist by answering questions that were prepared by the students. Their findings were many people were disappointed with the cost of the housing as they were promised to be cheaper originally. Overall most of the public were impressed by the Olympic park and it’s public uses, some would prefer a tribute to certain Olympians for their great achievements and athletic strives.