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HDHS is a Healthy School

Healthy Schools

Harwich and Dovercourt High School continues to hold the Healthy School status. Being healthy, safe, cared for and having a voice, are fundamental prerequisites to being ‘ready to learn’ and achieving true potential. The aim of The Essex Healthy Schools Programme is to support schools to help their children and young people to grow healthily, safely and responsibly and to recognise and share good practice.

To improve the health and well-being further, over the coming months, we will be looking at specific areas to target for development, including health and wellbeing which covers a wide range of areas, it is not necessarily just about physical health it can be mental and social well-being.

It is important that any work in our school is aimed specifically at the needs of our students and not necessarily what might be happening nationally (they may not be the same).

Data is available to help guide us but we would like feedback from You, the wider community, about issues you think are a priority in order to improve any risky behaviours and support the health and well being of Harwich and Dovercourt’s young people.

HDHS Signposting for Healthy Schools

The National Healthy Schools Programme supports the links between health, behaviour and achievement; it is about creating healthy and happy young people, who do better in learning and in life.

The impact of our programme is based on a whole-school approach to physical and emotional well-being focused on four core themes:  Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education,  Healthy Eating,  Physical Activity,  Emotional Health & Wellbeing.

The Healthy School Vision

We want all our students to be healthy and achieve at school and in life. We believe that by providing opportunities at school for enhancing emotional and physical health, we will improve long term health, reduce health inequalities, increase social inclusion and raise achievement for all.


To deliver real benefits for children and young people, specifically:

  • To support children and young people in developing healthy behaviours
  • To help raise the achievement of children and young people
  • To help reduce health inequalities Harwich and Dovercourt High School first achieved Healthy School Status in July 2008 and gained enhanced status in 2013.

We continue to promote the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and maintain the aims of a Healthy School whilst meeting the needs of our students. In December 2015 the school was successfully revalidated as meeting the requirements needed to hold the Healthy School award. The school submitted a wide range of evidence that maintained our status in the Autumn term of 2017 showing our continued commitment to improving the health and well-being of our students.

This is further embedded through our 3 PSHEE days where our students are off timetable to study topics which affect their lives embedding British Values  in sessions covering the following;

  • Careers
  • Internet safety
  • Safety in the wider world
  • Sex and Relationships
  • Democracy
  • Substance misuse
  • Crime and recrimination
  • First Aid

These frequently involve guest speakers such as;

  • Prison no way
  • Essex County Fire & Rescue Service
  • Essex Road Safety
  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention
  • Provide – Healthy Eating

During tutor time students also have the opportunity to study spiritual, moral, social and cultural development through thought provoking discussions.

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Healthy Eating Challenges

Every week we would like our students to complete five health related challenges. Click on each challenge below to find out more: