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Headteacher’s Letter

August 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

The teachers and I are very much looking forward to welcoming all the students back to school in September.

Please be reassured that we are committed to making the transition to secondary school for our new Year 7 students as smooth as possible. We will be able to cover all the subject content for Key Stage 3 ahead of option choices in the Spring Term for our Year 8s, and thanks to our 3 year Key Stage 4 programme, we have enough time to cover all the subject content ahead of exams for our Year 9-11 students. However this will only be possible if the students are in school for 100% of the time, and so attendance has never been so important.

Students must be in full school uniform except on the days where they have Btec sport or Dance when they will come into school in their PE kit as the changing rooms will not be in use throughout these safety measures.

All students of secondary age should ensure they have a face covering and also a plastic bag to place the covering in when not wearing it. Students will be able to wear their own PPE if they wish to do so and will be encouraged to wear them particularly when they are not in the classroom or where social distancing cannot be maintained.  All staff will be encouraged to wear a face covering when they are not in the classroom or where social distancing cannot be maintained. All staff will be provided with a face visor for them to wear at their discretion. We will spend time on educating staff and students on the wearing of face coverings, safe removal and storage. Any visitor to the school site, which will be by appointment only, will be required to wear a face covering.

On the first day, the building one way system will be explained to the students along with the safety measures such as extra handwashing, separate year group eating facilities and a slightly staggered break and lunch time.  

The start and end of the school day will also be slightly staggered and this will change on rotation each half term so that each year group accesses the form time programme throughout the term.

We do not know how long these measures will be in place and so I will update you further as the situation evolves and ahead of the Spring Term.

Yours faithfully

Mrs Kate Finch