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Head Students


Head Students 2019-2020

Huge congratulations to our new Head Students who were chosen from an excellent selection of candidates just before we broke up for Easter.

Harrison Hunt (Alhambra), Lecolleen Klaas (Heidelberg), Bailey Taylor (Versailles), Bobbi Jo Lindsell and Harry Pitham (both Windsor) have an exciting year ahead of them!  Their aim is to continue the work of the outgoing Head Students by representing the whole student body’s wishes.  Already plans are forming for projects around Year 6 to 7 transition, reducing litter, improving facilities and working for the good of Team-HDHS.  They will be an excellent Student Leadership Team and we all wish them well for the year ahead.

Mr Garnham
Senior Assistant Headteacher

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Head Students 2018-2019

Head students Alfie Benson, Evie Hawkins Clark, Mica Jones, Moesha Jordan and Lucy Hughes have set themselves ambitious targets this year and are already making huge strides towards achieving them (writes Mr Garnham in November).

With the support of Mrs Finch they have secured over £5000 of funding to improve outside seating facilities for students including benches and outside water fountains; they have set up and are running a lunch club for younger students; they have published their first newsletter and completed their first round of assemblies; they have already secured changes to PE uniform policy and are busily preparing for a Year 11 leavers book. And they have many more plans afoot based on listening to younger pupils.

This year looks set to be a record for the number of projects and initiatives being run by the student leadership council under Lucy’s, Moesha’s, Mica’s, Evie’s and Alfie’s guidance.

All of HDHS wishes the Head Students the very best with their ambitious plans.

Mr Garnham
Senior Assistant Headteacher