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Parents with queries relating to their child, should contact Student Services in the first instance, either by phone or e-mail.  They will then make an appointment for you to speak to the relevant person, if they are unable to deal with this themselves. Please call 01255 245460 and then use the relevant extension number as shown below:
Our Year Teams for 2023-2024 are as follows:

YEAR TEAMS 2023_2024

Student Support Assistant: Mrs Rawe
Extension number: 27155
Email address:

Student Support Assistant: Mrs Hammett
Extension number: 27175
Email address:

Student Support Assistant: Mrs Mason
Extension number: 27120
Email address:

Student Support Assistant: Mrs Wells
Extension number: 27154
Email address:

Student Support Assistant: Mrs McDermott
Extension: 27156
Email address:

All parents are entitled by law to be able to request any content from this website as a paper copy. 
If you need to contact us on this or any other matter, please telephone us on the number below or e-mail us at
Please state the name of the staff member you would like to contact wherever possible using the following documents for reference:

After following the steps above, if you remain unsatisfied with the response you have been given, please contact

If you wish to contact the Headteacher, please email and ask for this to be forwarded to Mrs Finch.


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Telephone: 01255 245460
Headteacher: Mrs Kate Finch
Chair of Governors: Mr Neil Jones