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Exams 2021 Update 

It has been a challenging Spring term for young people at school but none more so than for our exam year groups.  A great deal of anxiety has been caused since the announcement at the start of the year that we were going into Lockdown 3 and that exams were to be ‘cancelled’ with no clear suggestion as to what would be in their place. I know the lack of information has caused distress in our exam year students and we have been passing on information as we have been receiving it, however, we are still awaiting some vital guidance with regard to the exact evidence that will be used to gain the final centre assessed grade (CAG), due to arrive on March 31st.  

It is for this reason that, after Easter, we will be publishing a timetable of assessments which will contribute to the final CAG for each subject.  Both you and your child will know exactly when a controlled assessment is due to be completed.  Subject teachers will give you and your child the topics to revise ahead of the controlled assessment and if your child has any access arrangements in place, then these will be applied during all assessments.

Students have been given topics to revise over the Easter break by their subject teachers.  Please ask them about these and support them to ensure that they revise thoroughly as controlled assessments will begin quickly upon their return to school.

Important Dates

Monday 12th April

Students to receive a timetable of controlled assessments.

Friday 11th June

The planned last day of on-site study for exam year groups.  Please be advised that this is subject to change.

Friday 18th June

CAGs are submitted to the exam boards.

Tuesday 10th August

Results are published to Year 12 and 13 Students

Thursday 12th August

Results are published to Year 11 (and some Year 10) Students

Exam Information 

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Exam Results 

Department for Education

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Exam Results August 2020 – Press releases

6th Form

This year, 6th Form exam results were based on  students’ predicted grades after exams were cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Harwich and Dovercourt Sixth Form College students obtained successful results, with a 100% pass rate and 36% A to B grades.

Year 11

Due to social distancing measures Year 11 students received their results by email this year.  It is a very bitter sweet time for the school because we are so delighted with the achievements of the young people but quite upset that we will neither see them nor talk to them in person about it today!
I must express my concerns for our students given the number of issues that have arisen in the past week, including the latest from Pearson, this has had a huge impact on the school community: our young people have been coping very well with the pandemic lockdown measures which already have lead to a number of mental health issues, and now they have had to listen to constant change and (gratefully received) U turn in the systems over grades which will affect their future and stay with them forever.
The uncertainty of the situation is stressful for schools, but even more so for the students whose next steps are being decided upon. We have had a number of huge individual successes and we are so proud that our students will now be able to take the next steps in their educational career.
Kate Finch