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School Policies

To comply with legal requirements, ISI Reporting Standards and OFSTED Standards for schools the following policies may be downloaded here:

16-19 Bursary Fund Trust Policy v1 Sep 2020

Acceptable Use Policy December 2021

Accessibility Policy and Plan March 2022

Admissions Policy 2021-22 ~ HDHS

Admissions Policy 2022-23 ~ HDHS

Determined Admissions Policy 2023-24 ~ HDHS

Anti Bullying Policy September 2021

Anti-Bullying Guide HDHS (Updated March 2021)

Anti-Prejudice Guide HDHS

Anti-Racism Policy July 2021

Anti-Smoking Policy July 2021

Attendance Policy December 2021

Behaviour for Learning Policy January 2022

Careers Policy HDHS November 2020

CCTV and Surveillance Policy April 2021

Charging & Remissions Policy October 2018

Child Protection Policy HDHS September 2021

To be read in conjunction with the KCSIE document: KCSIE September 2021

Children Missing Education Policy September 2021

Complaints Policy v3 August 2020

Compliance Policies can be viewed here:

Curriculum Policy December 2021

Data Protection Policy v2 July 2020

Drugs and Alcohol Policy May 2021

EAL Policy July 2021

Equality and Diversity in Employment Policy March 2021

Equality Objectives and Plan 2019-2022

Exams Policy March 2022

Exam Contingency Plan March 2022

Exclusion Policy July 2021

Feedback Marking and Assessment Policy July 2021

Freedom of Information Policy April 2021

Harmful Sexual Behaviour_Peer on Peer Abuse Policy September 2021

HDHS Governor Code of Conduct

Health and Safety Policy v3 July 2020

Home School Agreement Policy July 2021

Homework Policy July 2021

Inclusion Policy July 2021

Intimate Care Policy July 2020

Medicines and Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy November 2020

More Able (HPA) Policy May 2021

NETT Partnership Agreement 2020-21

Photography and Videos at School April 2021

Positive Handling Draft Policy (formerly known as Physical Restraint and Reasonable Force Policy) July 2021

Prevent Duty Policy (formerly Extremism and Anti-Radicalisation Policy) July 2021

Recruitment Policy March 2021

Remote Learning Policy May 2021

RSHE & PSHEE Policy December 2021

School Uniform Policy May 2022

Searching Screening and Confiscation Policy March 2022

Self Harm Policy July 2021

SEND Policy July 2021

SEND Information Report 2020-21

Sickness and Accident Policy Students March 2022


SMSC & British Values Policy HDHS 2021-2022

Social, Emotional and Mental Health Policy July 2021

Whistleblowing Policy Oct 2019

Work Experience Policy July 2021