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Sixth Form


Sixth Form Welcome

Choosing where and what to study post 16 is both important and exciting. It is a choice that will not only shape the next two years or more but can also influence the decisions you make later in life. At Harwich and Dovercourt Sixth Form College, we always encourage our students to push themselves beyond the limits of their qualifications and to develop their skill set in a wide variety of ways. We offer a number of enrichment opportunities that all students are invited to join in with.

At the end of Year 11 many of our students progress into our Sixth Form College, opting to stay within the school setting because they value the high quality teaching, intensive pastoral support, and variety of subjects we offer. The Sixth Form prides itself on being able to provide a very personalised learning experience despite being a small college. The breadth of choice and enrichment in our curriculum allows students to specialise and focus their learning on up to three key areas of study and provides access to higher education, apprenticeships, and employment options.

 There are a range of pathways within our provision, ensuring that students who wish to further their education with us have access to a suitable curriculum for their needs, whether students are hoping to secure employment and training or a place at University, Harwich and Dovercourt Sixth Form College can help students to achieve their aspirations; whatever path you chose, we will be there to help and guide you.

At Harwich and Dovercourt Sixth Form College you will have a chance to study the subjects that you are passionate about, whilst developing as a person and deciding your future pathway. You’ll discover new opportunities, new responsibilities, and new friendships. You will develop your independence and learn who you really are. Our students are individuals with a range of aspirations, but all use their time here to nurture their potential and move closer to their ambitions.

We believe our learners should be career ready and that the behaviours for the workplace flow through everything we do, including what we expect of our staff and students whilst they are on-site with us, or out representing us. The intention is to provide students with the qualifications, skills, and personal qualities to prepare for, and thrive in, their next steps in education and life.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to create opportunities and experiences in an environment where you can be successful and build the foundations for the rest of your life.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create opportunities, experiences, and an environment where students can be successful and build the foundations for the rest of their life. We want every student at our college to “Believe, Achieve and Succeed”.

In order to create this environment all Sixth Form students will be expected to adhere to our standards and expectations outlined in the student handbook.

The College seeks to embed its workplace values and expects its staff and learners to:

  •        Achieve 
  •        Belong 
  •        Connect
  •        Develop

Why study here?

Highlights of studying at Harwich and Dovercourt Sixth Form College include:

  • Small class sizes with a broad and enriched curriculum. The breadth of choice allows students to specialise and focus their learning on three key areas of study and provides access to higher education, apprenticeships, and straight-to-work options.
  • Personalised approach to the curriculum for our students.
  • Friendly environment with students having regular daily contact with pastoral tutors and teaching staff.
  • Support in organising work experience placements locally through our links with local employers.
  • Academic results in line with other local providers.
  • A successful track record of supporting students in securing places at university.
  • A full time learning mentor and pastoral support team to reduce any barriers to learning.
  • All students have access to IT resources to help them with their studies and can bring their own devices to connect to the Sixth Form network.
  • All of our students have a range of opportunities to support our school community, acting as mentors and coaches for our younger students in the 11-16 school.
  • We are a short commute for members of the local community, meaning more time to focus on study, extra-curricular activities and ensuring a healthy work-life balance for our students.

After reading this prospectus we hope that you will have all the information you need to inform your decision about applying to study with us. If you would like to talk through your sixth form options, we are available for informal discussions most days. Please do contact a member of the Sixth Form Leadership Team at the school:

Mrs V Henderson, Director of Sixth Form: 
Mr C. Herron, Assistant Headteacher, Careers and Vocational Achievement:
Mr M. Higgon, Deputy Headteacher, Quality of Education:

Admissions to Harwich and Dovercourt Sixth Form College

We are able to admit up to 100 students each year, including external applicants. Admission to the Sixth Form College will be by reference to GCSE or equivalent qualifications achieved, to a particular Sixth Form route and related courses.

The Sixth Form College course guide publicises the range of routes available and the specific entry requirements for each course offered.  As an inclusive Sixth Form designed to cater for the wide range of learning needs in the local community, it is anticipated that there will be an appropriate course for all applicants Level 2 and above.  Should a particular course be oversubscribed then places will be allocated based on academic qualifications and suitability to the course chosen.

The college do not specialise in Level 1 or Foundation courses.

In partnership with the Sigma Sixth Tendring College, we are able to offer a larger range of subjects to our HDSFC students. Transport is provided for this where students meet the entry requirements and places are available.

BBC Action Line

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