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Life After Sixth Form

Life After Sixth Form
August 31, 2020 Belinda Gosling

Dear Year 12,

This last half term of year 12 is when we would usually use tutor/mentoring time to discuss and start planning for your next steps after A Levels. It may seem like a long time away but it will go very fast and deadlines for applications for jobs, University and apprenticeships will be considerably earlier than June next year.

You should be using this time to really start reaching your options and putting a plan together. There is a huge world out there full of exciting opportunities for you.  However, none of them will just fall into your lap. You must be proactive. Its time to act now. 

Below is a resource to help you get started: This has lots of links to research all options – not just university!

We already know some of you have some great plans in place but we need to hear from all of you about what your thoughts are, what research you have/will do so I can support you over the next year in making sure you have somewhere to go!

Please reply to Mrs Duffy at some point over the next week as she will be supporting all University applicants on a 1:1 basis.

As a college it is a legal requirement that we support you in this matter so expect phone calls home if we don’t hear from you.


Kind Regards,

Mrs S J Parker

Head of Sixth Form   Life-after-HDHS-Sixth-Form.edit_  

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