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Expected Reads

The HDHS Expected Reads

This is a selection of chosen books that is bespoke to each year group to develop and shape the character of our students in different ways. These books have merit and significance independently but as a school we see them as a cluster and a progression of ideas and experiences to navigate our students from youth to adulthood.

At HDHS we see these books as a progression of ideas and thought provoking prompts to develop our students’ awareness of the world around them and an awareness of their own identity. We ensure that all of our students take this literary journey to experience the reality of the world we live in. These novel choices are further supported by text choices across the school curriculum and other recommended reads.

These texts are sparking discussion and debate; challenging viewpoints and facilitating a range of emotional reactions.This is simply a literary path that we as educators have created for our students but we encourage them to take detours and many other literary routes along the way. In simple terms we believe that reading leads to reading and that leads to more reading………