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PSHE and Citizenship at HDHS

PSHE and Citizenship at HDHS

Personal Social Health Education (PSHE) & Citizenship is a basic entitlement for all students at Harwich and Dovercourt High School. It is embedded within the ethos of the school and is reflected in the general aims of the school. PSHE & Citizenship is a taught lesson that promotes students’  well-being and self-esteem enabling them to take responsibility for their future life choices.

Personal – to do with ourselves.

Social – to do with our interactions and relationships with others.

Health – all about looking after our bodies both mentally and physically.

PSHE covers three different topics:

Living in the Wider World:

 Focuses on careers, personal finance,independent living, British Values, skills for life, personal values and SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural development).

Health and Wellbeing:

Focuses on health, hygiene, exercise, mental health, personal safety, drugs and alcohol.

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE):

Focuses on sex, relationships, friends and family matters, LGBT+, positive and unhealthy relationships.

PSHE & Citizenship is about what it is to be a person, and how to be a valuable member of society. Fundamentally, this is concerned with the exploration of values and attitudes, with the development of skills, and with the acquisition of relevant knowledge and understanding. This should enable students to lead confident, healthy, responsible lives as individuals and a contributing part of society. From making responsible decisions to succeeding in their first job, PSHE helps to manage many of the most critical opportunities, challenges and responsibilities they will face growing up.

We want all our students to be healthy and to achieve at school and in life.  We believe that by providing opportunities at school for enhancing emotional and physical health, we will improve long term health, reduce health inequalities, increase social inclusion and raise achievement for all.

PSHE & Citizenship aims to enable students to:

• Value others and feel valued.
• Respect others and be respected.
• Be independent, but also interdependent.
• Behave responsibly and to understand the consequences of actions.
• Have a concern for justice and uphold the rights of others.
• Treat others the way they wish to be treated.

Harwich and Dovercourt High School is committed to providing our students with careers education, information, advice and guidance for all students in Years 7 -13. The provision of resources and advice to enable students to understand and develop career choices and to ensure that careers education is seen as part of the overall curriculum for all years. We aim to:

• Encourage students to achieve and to be ambitious.
• Motivate our students, promoting equality of opportunity and maximising their academic and personal achievement whilst at school and beyond. 
• Involve employers, parents/carers, staff and students in the further development of careers information and advice.
• Provide advice and guidance by a qualified professional in an impartial manner.


During PSHE Days, students spend time off timetable in order to study topics that affect their real lives. During the 2020-2021 school year, PSHE Days covered a variety of topics including:
• Relationships Education & Teen Pregnancy/Parenting.
• Extremism.
• An introduction to Sign Language.
• Internet safety.
• First Aid Training.
• Finance – including payday loans and creating a budget.
• Careers – CV writing, careers fair, options available post-16.
Our PSHE Days also frequently involve guest speakers and presenters from groups such as:
• Essex Police and Fire Service.
• Essex Road Safety.
• Essex University.
• Department for Work and Pensions.
• Stonewall – Lesbian, Gay and Transgender.
• Prison, Me? No Way!
• Colchester United Football Club.
• British Transport Police – Railway Safety.
• RNLI – Water Safety.

Our next PSHE Day is to be confirmed.

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