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Bad Weather

Bad Weather

On very rare occasions it is necessary to close the school due to bad weather or other emergencies. Any such action is not only for the safety of students when travelling to and from school but also for the safety of the staff; many of whom have lengthy journeys into school and home again, sometimes in more extreme conditions than are experienced on the coast; this can cause acute staff shortages in school.

If the school is forced to close due to bad weather the following procedures will apply:-

  • School Website – we will update the homepage of this website as a priority to communicate messages about whether the school is open or closed in the event of severe weather conditions
  • School Social Media – we will update the school’s social media account to communicate school closure messages via Facebook
  • Direct Communication – we will send a message via e-mail or text to alert parents to the closure, whenever possible.

Please make a plan in advance with your child to ensure that they have somewhere to go if they arrive home early in the event of school closure during the day.

External Examinations

If external examinations are scheduled for a day when it is necessary to close the school, then the examinations will continue as planned wherever possible. Details will be communicated using the methods detailed above.