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Mastermind Quiz

Mastermind Quiz
November 16, 2015 hdhsadmin

A very brave group of Year 7 Students sat in THAT black chair on Thursday 12th November, when they took part in HDHS’ interpretation of the famous BBC quiz.

In a special Book & Film themed version, specialist subjects included ‘Star Wars’, ‘Frozen’, ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘Harry Potter’.

The quiz was very closely contested, with joint second place held by Alisha Taylor 7ASn & Mitchell Player 7HAk, who both managed a respectable 8 points. The winner was Connor Cleere, who scored 12 points on his specialist subject of the film ‘San Andreas’.

The contestants were:

Connor Cleere
Alisha Taylor
Mitchell Player
Richard Knight
Matthew Hutchins

After a successful outcome, the school library are hoping to hold Mastermind quizzes for Years 8-13. Pupils can see Mr Dace in the library if they are interested.

Joint Runner Up - Alisha Taylor 2 Participant - a (i) Participant - Richard Knight 1 Participant - Richard Knight 2 Participant a (ii) Participant b (i) Winner - Connor CleereJoint Runner Up - Alisha Taylor 1