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Film Club
October 12, 2015 hdhsadmin

The Film Club screening happening on Tuesday October 13th at 3:15pm – 5pm will be Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hallow.

The Film is a pure Gothic Horror inspired by the folklore of the Headless Horseman, with a cast of Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci. This would be ideal for theses doing Year 9 English who are just getting into Gothic Literature.

If students are interested in attending the screening, they need to sign up at the Library through Mr. Dace by end of today.

This and all other future screenings will be open to all Years, however, if the age restriction is a 15 rating like Sleepy Hallow, students in Years 7-10 are required to have a permission slip signed by their parents/carers to allow them to be at the screening, with it to be collected on the day of screening. If they don’t have it, they will not be allowed to see it. They will be handed this by Mr. Dace at the Library as well.

Film Club