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Year 11 English Exams

Year 11 English Exams
April 29, 2022 Belinda Gosling

Dear Parent/Carer,

As I write this letter there are 18 days to the first English Language exam on May 18th. The first exam is English Language paper 1 and it is worth 80 marks out of a possible 160 marks for English Language. There are 5 questions in this exam paper and Q4 and Q5 are the big mark questions. Q4 is worth 20 marks and Q5 is worth 40 marks so in total these two questions can lead to a possible 60 out of 80 marks in Language Paper 1. All the students should be practising these questions regularly and at least every second night across a week. The message is that practice makes progress!

Year 11 students should be completing at least twenty minutes of English Language revision nightly and one day a week they should be completing a past exam paper.

Students have been instructed to follow a specific guidance of what to study each night up to the start of the exams. The focus is on the big mark questions(Q4 and Q5) across both Language papers.

Yours faithfully,

Ray Gallagher,
Head of English


Yr 11 students should be completing the following revision to revise English Language:

Monday         P1 Q5

Tuesday         P2 Q5

Wednesday   P1 Q4

Thursday      P2 Q4

Friday           P1 Q5

Saturday      P2 Q5

Sunday        Exam paper in full (to practise exam skills such as time management)