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Parent Access to pupil timetables, attendance, homework, behaviour and learning catch-ups

Parent Access to pupil timetables, attendance, homework, behaviour and learning catch-ups
November 17, 2022 Belinda Gosling

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are writing to inform you that we have enabled parent access to Arbor, our schools management information system. This replaces some of the information that was previously made available via Go4Schools. Thank you for your patience in this transfer between systems. 

Why am I being given access?

Providing you and your child access to Arbor allows for you to access a variety of features. You can monitor:

  • Your child’s timetable
  • Your child’s attendance
  • Positive behaviour events
  • Negative behaviour events
  • Learning Catch-Ups(Detentions) events
  • Homework

We hope that by providing access to this information you are able to be informed about events in school on a daily basis and able to discuss these with your child. 

How do I get access?

  1. Go to in your internet browser
  2. Click on ‘First time logging in? Forgot your password?’
  3. Enter your email address and click ‘Request password reset’
  4. Click the link from your email.
  5. Set a password.
  6. Verify your account by entering your child’s date of birth. 

Once these steps are complete you have full access to the account. You can access this via an internet browser or you have the option to download the Arbor app (available for both Android and Apple) if you choose. We recommend you access Arbor’s parent portal via your desktop or laptop’s internet browser. 

Passwords will need to have 8 characters and require a number, lower case letter and upper case letter. They will be valid for 180 days. 

Will my child be given access to Arbor?

Yes.  Arbor will be shared with your child and we will run a tutor session to teach students how to access the site and the information available to them. From the week beginning the 28th of November all homework will be set via Arbor.

Who do I speak to if I encounter difficulties?

If you experience any difficulties please contact us via email to and place the word Arbor in the subject. A range of individuals will be available to help solve any issues that arise. We may experience some delays as we roll this out to all parents but we will endeavour to solve any issues as soon as possible. 

Do I still use Go4Schools?

We will continue to use Go4Schools to share with you our termly reports. An email will be sent to your email address alerting you when a new report is available to view.  This will be the sole purpose of the site for parents going forward. 

Yours sincerely


Mr J Bacon, Assistant Headteacher


Mr M Docherty, Assistant headteacher