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HDHS Staff At Christmas

HDHS Staff At Christmas
December 15, 2014 hdhsadmin

In preparation for his assembly on the Humanities Thought for the Week theme – ‘Generosity’, Mr Brock went walkabout with his camera to ask HDHS staff Christmas related question. The nine minute film was shown to all students during their assembly last week.

Mr Brock commented that “The film was an opportunity for students to hear from a diverse range of school staff, not just teachers, all about their Christmas plans and what they enjoy most about Christmas. After the film I asked the students to identify some of the main words these staff had used to describe their Christmas and how this linked to the theme of ‘generosity.’ Lots of arms shot up as students quickly identified that generosity involves the giving of a person’s time, care and thought, directed toward others, as well as the giving and receiving of presents.”

See the video below or look on our YouTube channel.