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Year 8 Options

Year 8 Options

As you are aware Year 8 is a very important time in your child’s education as the choices you make together will affect not just the next three years but also the college, university and career opportunities beyond Year 11.

In the pack you receive during the Spring Term there will be a courses booklet which explains that you should consider four choices, including one chosen from sport or dance, and at least one from geography, history, French, and computer science.  Once you are sure of the four subjects you want to study you will come to this page and here you will need to follow the KS4 Options link, this is located at the end of this introduction.  This will take you to a secure site where you can enter your choices.  You will need your Username and Password, which students will receive in March 2021.

Once entered you will be asked to select your choice of sport or dance, your choice of geography, history, French or computer science, and then two further options from a list, including a reserve choice.  Please follow the guidance in the KS4 Options booklet you received in the pack in guiding your choices.

When you are certain you have selected your choices correctly you can submit them.  You will be given one chance to check them, although once they have been confirmed they cannot be changed without assistance from the school.

Should you need assistance please contact Mrs Rooker at in the first instance.

Students wishing to make changes in person after they have input their choices will need to either bring a signed note from their parents/carers confirming they agree with the change being made, or ask their parents/carers to contact me directly at

If you are unable to access the internet please write to me at the school including you child’s four option choices plus reserve and I will enter the data for you.

Please note that the deadline for completing KS4 options choices is Friday 12th March 2021.

Yours faithfully

Mr M Higgon
Deputy Head Teacher

KS4 Options Link

Please click the button below to access the online options site

Digital copies of the courses and student induction booklets for 2020 can be downloaded below. These will be updated in the Spring Term 2021.