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Year 7 Parent Forum

Year 7 Parent Forum
October 13, 2022 Belinda Gosling

Dear Year 7 Parent,

I hope that you have enjoyed the first half term as much as the Year 7 students seem to have done and that you have been told all about the trip to London and all the other learning that has taken place during these last 6 weeks!

Now that you are settled as a parent and your child is settled as a student, please can I ask you to take the time to complete a parent questionnaire by following this link:  

 Additionally I invite you to take part in a Parent Forum which will begin in the next half term. The Parent Forum will be made up of interested and invested parents who wish to lend their views to some decisions within the school as laid out at each meeting.  Because I envisage that there will be a number of parents who are interested in taking part, each group of parents involved will serve a term on the forum and then can go back on to the waiting list for the next opportunity to rejoin.  

The purpose of the forum is to take a detailed look at an aspect for the school and make suggestions as an informed parent so that the school can continue to improve.  The meetings will be half termly and will take place at the school, during the school day.  If you would like to participate please follow this link and complete the details requested:

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely, 


Mrs Kate Finch