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Year 10 English message to parents

Year 10 English message to parents
July 13, 2022 Belinda Gosling
Dear Parent/Carer,
Thank you for your support throughout this academic year to encourage and motivate your young person as they embarked on their GCSE study. GCSE English Language and GCSE Literature are two separate courses but both are two year courses which means that your son/daughter has now completed the first year of their GCSE study in English Literature and English Language.
The HDHS English faculty is facilitating an opportunity for the momentum of learning to be continued during the summer break where possible. Year 11 will be a very demanding and challenging academic year for the students but the students who are organised and prepared from the start with the necessary attitude to learning will get a head start and be in a favourable position to achieve every success. Various research studies have identified the summer break as slowing down reading and writing development in some students and sometimes undoing some of the previous development due to a complete ‘shutdown from learning’. In short, a total switch off can sometimes lead to the slowing of the development of writing and reading skills due to being out of practice. On the other hand, many studies also highlight the positive impact that a break from academic studies can have on a student’s well being and we agree that enjoying the summer break is beneficial to the student’s personal growth and we always promote a healthy balance of both.
HDHS English is providing an opportunity for Year 11 students to keep in touch with learning and develop Language and Literature knowledge and skills but in a way that is not too demanding or time consuming during the summer break. It is not compulsory to complete these tasks however those that complete the suggested tasks will benefit greatly from completing these tasks and will put themselves ahead of those who do not complete the tasks. From September the students will have a lot of revision and exam prep that will need to be completed. Beginning this where possible during the six week summer break will ease some of the workload from September.
Each student has been given a summer transition booklet and completed booklets will be returned to the teacher in September. Please ask your son/daughter to show you their booklet and encourage them where possible to complete the tasks before they return in September. The booklets can also be accessed on Google Classroom.
Thank you for your ongoing support.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Kind Regards,
Mr R. Gallagher,
Assistant Headteacher,
Head of English and Communication Faculty


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