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Safe Online Behaviour

Safe Online Behaviour
October 16, 2019 hdhsadmin
Dear Parent/Carer,
There has been a recent glut of inappropriate social media use amongst year 7 pupils at HDHS. It seems some pupils have been using WhatsApp to create an unpleasant group chat aimed at spreading unkind and bullying behaviours. Today a police officer came into year 7 assembly to discuss the legal side of this and possible ramifications for any pupils involved.
Thank you to the parents who contacted us to bring this to our attention. Any kind of bullying behaviour will not be tolerated and pupils involved can expect severe sanctions and possible referral to the police.
In order to monitor your child’s use of their mobile phone and social media, please make regular checks with them. It is worth pointing out that WhatsApp has a minimum user age of 16. Please discuss this with your son/daughter and let us know if you require any support or advice with this matter. Here is a link to a leaflet on safe online behaviour for your information:    Child Online Safety (45 downloads)
Yours faithfully,

J. W. Loten

Deputy Headteacher
Harwich and Dovercourt High School