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Year 7 Artist Workshop

Year 7 Artist Workshop
January 24, 2018 hdhsadmin
On Monday 15th January a group of Year 7 students (listed below)  took part in an artist workshop.

The workshop took place because Maddison Berry won the Jack Petchey award and the prize was money to spend on an activity of their choice. The activity chosen by the winning student was for an artist workshop.

Nicola Burrell is well known for her card sculptures, which she created with the students during the workshop. This was an exciting opportunity for them.

Student names:
Maddison Berry
Maddison smith
Lily Mayhew
Brogan Barrett
Summer Rotchell
Alysha Dingwall
Angela Xing
Isla Zimmerman
Hayden Brand
Vinnie Johnson
Rhys Mccarthy
Jude Stapleton
Ben Farnworth
Jack Lines
Alife Gale