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7 Billion Ideas Final

7 Billion Ideas Final
December 15, 2017 hdhsadmin

Six students travelled to the University of Essex, to pitch their ideas against other Sigma schools (TLA, Stanway, St Helena, Clacton County High). There were two teams from each school. Each student was given a goodie bag containing a t-shirt, water, key ring and Haribos!

Students set up their stalls and were given time to practice their presentations. It was evident looking around the room how much hard work and creativity had been put in by all participants. During the 45 minutes presentation slot students nervously waited their turn as a team of four judges took it in turns to move around the room – spending just 4 minutes with each group. In this short time, the students had to pitch their idea and take questions and answers from the judges. When students were not being judged, the pupils from HDHS used their time effectively, thinking about how they could improve their pitch further, ready for the next judge. Both HDHS teams also worked together, with the girls’ team giving the boys’ team feedback on their presentation.

After 45 minutes, the judging was over and pupils spent a nervous fifteen minutes, awaiting the outcome.

Prizes were given for best presentation / poster, best stall and then 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes were awarded for best innovation.

The boys’ team – Evan Cleaver, George Broom and Joe Turner who won the best stall and the girls’ team – Isla Grubb, Jessica Jenkins and Ruby Bushell were amazed and delighted to win overall first prize for best innovation!

The winning idea will be incorporated into a children’s book which will be available to purchase next year.

This is the first inter-school competition set up by Sigma so the students have done the school proud and have set the bar high in taking this first victory for HDHS. Their conduct, manner and approach on the day was highly commendable – they were true role models and ambassadors for the school.