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Master-class in leadership

Master-class in leadership
November 20, 2017 hdhsadmin

Head Students and Student Leaders were treated to a master-class in leadership on Friday. Dame Lin Homer has run organisations with thousands of employees including Birmingham City Council and HM Revenue and Customs. But her mother came from Dovercourt and she now lives back in the area so she kindly volunteered through “Speakers for Schools” to pass on some of the lessons she has learned about leading teams.
In a fascinating 90 minute workshop students were privileged to receive their own tailored advice about their futures including applying to colleges and university, pursuing public service careers, working with finance, the law and becoming an employer.
Assistant Head Mr Garnham said how proud he was of the students’ mature, articulate and thoughtful response to the presentation. “This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet someone who has worked in the highest levels of government. Students took it with both hands, showing that they are highly ambitious, motivated and keen to excel in whatever they choose to do. I am so grateful to Dame Lin for making it possible and so proud of the student leadership team.”
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