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Windsor Money Box Challenge

Windsor Money Box Challenge
March 21, 2017 hdhsadmin
Raising money for the Essex Air Ambulance, our Community charity
The students (Years 7-10) and staff belonging to the Windsor Learning Community have all been given a flat, small cardboard money box which they have to build when they get home.
The idea is for them to fill the box with coins in the most imaginative way possible.
They can simply take it to family and close friends asking for a donation to the Essex Air Ambulance.
If they want to be more creative they can think of other ways of filling the box.
For example using it as a box where parents have to pay into if they complete chores or use it as a fines collection box for leaving shoes at the front door.
The aim is to raise £1000 with the deadline for returning the money being the 21st April. We could do this if every student with a box raised an average of £5.
The money may still be in the box or could be emptied into an envelope to make it easier to carry.
When returning the money the students will need to inform us of how they collected the money so myself, Mrs Seaman and Mrs Wells can vote for two winners.
The top four fund raisers in terms of money collected will be invited to attend the Essex Air Ambulance station with a friend.
They will be joined by the two people who come up with the most novel way of using the box to raise money.
Thanks for your support as always.
Mr Day
(Head of Windsor Learning Community)