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Sports University Trip

Sports University Trip
January 11, 2017 hdhsadmin
Year 10 Students form GCSE PE and BTEC sport were invited to attend a trip to Essex University Sports Science Labs to study a range of topics including biomechanics, exercise physiology and sports psychology. Students were given the opportunity to complete a number of experiments including sub-maximal and maximal exercise tests looking at oxygen consumption and heart rate, the use of video analysis and psychometric testing. Charlie Smith also used the university gas analyser equipment worth £20,000 to test his VO2 Max.
The trip enabled students to see a real life working sports science lab and allowed them to mix with academics and professionals in the sports performance industry. The work covered on the trip relates directly to both exam courses and has exposed students to ideas and concepts that can’t be achieved in the classroom. We will be looking to extend the work completed with the university and would hope to again work with the human performance unit in the future to engage and inspire our sports students.
Photos can be view using the link or visiting the Gallery page.