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November 30, 2015 hdhsadmin

This is based on the popular BBC TV quiz, where contestants answer questions on their Chosen Subject and General Knowledge.

We hope to hold a round of the quiz for each year group.

In each round, pupils’ Chosen Subject will be their favourite book, film or television programme: Harry Potter; Frozen; Dr Who; for example. You will need to know lots of facts and information about this subject if you would like to take part!

The winner from each round will go through to The Grand Final, where they will answer General Knowledge questions.

There are Vivo Points for everyone who takes part, and fun prizes for winners of each round and the winner of The Grand Final.

Please note that Mastermind will take place straight after school finishes at 3pm, so make sure you are available on the date you are given. There may be an audience, so you must be happy to answer questions in front of other pupils and teachers.

Please fill in and return the entry form attached, with your FIRST and SECOND choice Chosen Subject, to Mr Dace in the library, by Friday 18th December 2015.

Pupil-Mastermind-Quiz-information.pdf (161 downloads)