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Year 8 Rugby Fixture

Year 8 Rugby Fixture
October 8, 2015 hdhsadmin

Year 8’s travelled the short distance to face Tendring Technical College. Tendring started very well and scored three tries in quick succession and set an early pattern for the game. Harwich never gave up and kept on hitting tackles and trying to turn the ball over. Harvey Rotchell, and Mitchell Piercy making some excellent one on one tackles.

Tendring kept coming and soon added several more tries to the score. In an excellent display of sportsmanship both teams agreed for the good of the game to swap a few players to even things up. This spurred on the Harwich players now playing for both teams, Mitch Smith and Jay Ayling had some excellent runs with ball in hand for TTC, Will Miller and Jacob Jackson made some first class try saving tackles, Jack James and Josh Wells made space and territory with their excellent runs for Harwich. In the end although the score suggested a convincing win for TTC, sportsmanship and Rugby were the true victor.

Year 8 Rugby 8.10 Year 8 Rugby1 8.10