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Living with Luke Theatre Production 28th November

Living with Luke Theatre Production 28th November
November 19, 2014 hdhsadmin

Tickets can be purchased via wisepay – Free to students and £5 for adults and siblings.

Duration 70 minutes with a Q & A session immediately afterwards. Suitable for 11+, though containing some strong language –and wrestling!

Danson Thunderbolt is no ordinary Dad, and his teenage son Luke is not so ordinary either. For Luke is autistic and the Autistic Shadow gets between them every single day, making communication a struggle. So what’s a Dad to do? Wrestle the Autistic Shadow that’s what!

Join us in a real wrestling ring as Thunderbolt fights the Shadow- literally- to make contact with Luke and the Ref tries to keep control! Funny, poignant and real, the play is adapted from the blog ‘Living with Luke’, and fuses wrestling and theatre to show what life is like living with an autistic child.

See link for youtube clip.