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Adisa the Verbaliser – Poetry Brought Alive!

Adisa the Verbaliser – Poetry Brought Alive!
May 20, 2014 hdhsadmin

On the 24th April the Harwich and Dovercourt High School was fortunate enough to have Adisa the Verbaliser as a visitor to our school. Adisa is an accomplished speaker and poet who regularly visits schools. Adisa spent the day with our students with the aim being to engage students with poetry.

Adisa delivered a one hour performance in the morning to Yr 7s and also a one hour performance to Yr 8s in the afternoon. The performance was highly interactive and involved the students questioning Adisa about his life experiences with each question leading to a poem.
Each performance was energetic and highly entertaining. The hall was filled with laughter , enthusiasm and appreciation for poetry. Adisa definitely achieved our target of engaging students with poetry.

Students comments:

He was really cool!

I want to write poetry like that

It was a lot of fun

It made me really think about life

I would like to perform poetry like that in the future

Adisa also worked with a selection of year 9 and Year 10 students in small workshops in between perfomances. Adisa supported the students as they created their own poetry.It was a pleasure to see our students grab this opportunity and enjoy this experience. Adisa was full of praise for our students; he stated that “we had a lot of very talented students” and described the day as “incredibly enjoyable”.

Adisa is a highly accomplished poet and speaker who brought his poetic passion, flair and originality to HDHS. Adisa performed in front of our Yr 7s and they were enthused, entertained and intrigued by his poetry performances.

A video of the Year 7 session is viewbale below and on our Youtube channel