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Year 8 Options

Year 8 Options

Usually in January I speak to Year 8 in assembly about choosing their GCSE options for their Year 9 Transition Year as they move from Key Stage Three into Key Stage Four.

Their teachers normally deliver taster sessions in lessons for them to find out about what those subjects might be like if they chose to continue with them at GCSE.  New subjects such as media, enterprise and marketing and health and social care would be introduced to them, so that they could decide if they would like to study them.

Their tutors and Year Team would provide them with advice and guidance about what the best options to choose might be based on their interests and achievements so far.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, parents and carers would discuss their progress in lessons at the Year 8 parents’ evening in February to inform these decisions.

It is much more difficult to provide them with this level of support in making such important decisions remotely.  Therefore Mrs Finch and I have decided to put the options process on hold for now, whilst most of them are learning from home, as it is important that they have as much information as possible to support them in making such important decisions.  

We are currently carefully planning how their year group will move into their GCSE options and I will write to you again after February half term once we have a better idea from the government about when their year group will be allowed to return to school.

Yours faithfully

Mr M Higgon
Deputy Head Teacher

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Digital copies of the courses and student induction booklets for 2020 can be downloaded below. These will be updated in the Spring Term 2021.