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Y11 students have been given access to a new revision aid – PiXLit – to help with revision for English Literature. This is in addition to GCSEPod which the students have also been given access to for revision support.

You can access PiXLit by following this link :

The PiXLit app contains the GCSE texts that our students study and there are a range of different activities to help strengthen the knowledge of those texts. The activities revolve around gaining a deeper understanding of quotations through testing memory recall of the quotes, reciting who said the quote or who the quote was about, events and happenings and literature terminology.

It is often difficult to drag teenagers away from their phone to focus on revision but this app allows them to revise on their phone.

Students have been given log-in details – all they have to do is download the free app. If students have queries about logins or how to use the app, they can find a member of the English department to support them.

Kind regards

Mr Gallagher
Head of English

GCSEPOD is also available:


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