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Head Students 2015 – 2016

Head Student Profiles

Taylor-Leigh Whigham

Taylor-Leigh Whigham

My name is Taylor-Leigh Whigham and I have recently been elected onto this year’s Head Student panel.

In my role as a Head Student I am here to listen to your opinions and take them to the Head and Management team, to improve the learning environment at HDHS.

If you ever feel you want to talk to a Head Student about any concerns you have or ideas, please come and find me. I am very approachable and friendly.

You can also contact me at:

Maisie Baker

Maisie Baker

My name is Maisie Baker and I am part of this year’s Head Student Team.

To make my role as Head Student successful I need you to work and share your ideas with me.

I want the school to be a fun and friendly environment and change things that benefit students and staff.

Please contact me on:

Elliot Jackson

Elliot Jackson

My name is Elliot Jackson and I have been chosen to be part of the Head Student panel this year.

Every year the school has improved and as a Head Student I want to make this school better for the students and staff now and for those in the future.

In order to do so, I need to listen to what students want changing and work with the school management team to make Harwich and Dovercourt High School more appealing to those here and to give the outer community a better impression.

So any students who have any ideas, I am always ready to listen or you can contact me via email at:

Willow Surman-Wells

Willow Surman-Wells

My name is Willow Surman-Wells, I’m a student from Versailles.

I’m a lover of anything Arts and Crafts and have a slight addiction to roller coasters! As part of my role in a team of Head Students, I want to ensure that every voice is heard and more importantly that everyone feels happy and safe at Harwich and Dovercourt High School.

So if anyone has any troubles or worries, or you just want to talk, please don’t be afraid to approach me and have a chat!

I’ll try and give you the best advice and support I can.

Contact me via: