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Year 11 Update February 2024

Year 11 Update February 2024
February 12, 2024 Belinda Gosling

Dear Year 11 Parent/Carer,

As I write to you, the year 11s are in a session with a commissioned revision company called MADE especially designed to support them during this stressful and challenging build up to their exams. Please ask your child what they gained from the session today.  We will also have some more sessions for them in the coming weeks specifically on stress management.

Earlier this week, students were informed where they are at in terms of their AtL compared to where they need to be in order to have early confirmation of their place at the Year 11 Recognition Evening (known as Prom).  This was in direct response to parent feedback from other recognition events whereby it was suggested that students and parents should know earlier the position for their child so that they can address any issues and be successful.  A good Attitude to Learning (AtL3) is achievable by all, regardless of ability or situation as it is achieved by being on time to the lesson, completing homework to the standard appropriate for the individual learner and demonstrating effort in the lesson.

 Any student who is worried that their AtL is not where it should be in order to gain entry to the Recognition Evening on 28th June will have all the opportunities they need to make this happen.  Students have been told that, for example, for each revision session after school or at lunchtime they attend, they gain an AtL4 to add in to their average score. There are many other incentives provided to help our students achieve the required AtL. A bespoke plan will be given to any student for whom we have concerns of not reaching this, which will be tailored to their individual needs and abilities making it more easily achievable for them personally. 

 We have taken this approach in previous years and have found it helps students focus with an achievable goal to look forward to.  Indeed, last year, there was not a single student who did not gain entry to the Recognition Evening because of low AtL.  We are all looking forward to this event, as we know you are.  It is a wonderful opportunity to congratulate each and every student for their time at HDHS.

Thank you for the continued support you give your child and the school. As a parent of a Year 11 child myself, I know it is not an easy time! 

 We are very proud of our Year 11 students, and for the hard work and resilience they have already shown this year, at a time that can be very challenging for them. We know that as parents you will be too.  

 Yours sincerely


Mrs Finch