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Arrangements for Strike Days on 5th and 7th July 2023

Arrangements for Strike Days on 5th and 7th July 2023
July 4, 2023 Belinda Gosling

Dear Parent/Carer

I am once again writing to you because, as you will be aware, the teaching union, NEU, has proposed further teacher strike action which will affect our school on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 5th July 2023
  • Friday 7th July 2023

I am writing to inform you that I have completed a risk assessment based on the number of teachers who have already informed me about their intention to strike and the knowledge of the numbers who were striking over the last industrial action days.  Teachers are not obliged to inform me in advance, but I already know it will be safe to partially open the school.  I am aware that the NEU is the largest union for our school’s teachers and that the majority of its members are yet to inform me about their intention regarding strike action.  In completing a risk assessment in this situation, I have to use the known and predictable information to determine what number of students can be supervised safely.

The nature of strikes means I am not able to direct non-striking teachers to cover for colleagues who are taking strike action, however with years 11 and 13 having left so already reduced numbers of pupils on site, I believe we can offer adequate provision and supervision for two year groups at a time on site.  As such, I will alternate the year groups on site.

For Wednesday 5th July, Years 7 and 9 will be on site but starting at a slightly later time of 9am to allow for all staffing checks to be made before the students arrive.

For Friday 7th July, Years 8 and 10 will be on site but starting at a slightly later time of 9am to allow for all staffing checks to be made before the students arrive.

All year groups not on site will have remote provision in place.

Remote learning will be provided on Google Classroom for all students as set by their normal timetable for that day. Teachers who are present in school will deliver live lessons and so your child must log on to Google Classroom for the lesson at the normal lesson times, which are as follows:

Period 1 8.55am – 10.10am 

Period 2  10.30am – 11.45am 

Period 3 11.50am – 1.05pm 

Period 4 1.45pm – 3.00pm 

Attendance by way of logging on to Google classroom and completing the work is an expectation.  There will be no tutor time session.

Year 10 Trips

The 2 trips scheduled for Year 10 on Wednesday 5th July will go ahead as planned so those going on these trips must assemble at school at the given time.  Further details will follow.

Vulnerable Students in Years 7 – 10

A place in school will be offered to all vulnerable students (children with a social worker, children in care, children with a Child Protection plan, children with an ECHP or HNF).  Students must arrive at 9.00am and sign in at the main reception.  You will be contacted by the school on Monday 26th June to discuss this place.

Lunch arrangements are the same as a normal day.

Full attendance is an expectation for the year groups due on site.

Year 12  Provision

Year 12 are to attend school as expected on both dates but at the later start time of 9.00am.  If their class teacher is not present, a supervised study space will be provided.  

Students must sign in at the main reception upon arrival

Full attendance is an expectation.  

Free School Meals for students not expected on site:

We will provide a takeaway free school meal the day before for students to take home for the next day.   Your child must go to the canteen at the end of period 4 the day before to collect the meal.

Finally, I can assure you that this decision has not been made without significant consideration about what would be possible in a range of scenarios.  As ever the overwhelming concern has been for the safety of your children, our students.  I have to mitigate against any risk; as Headteacher I have to be able to ensure that all striking staff members can be covered adequately by myself, because I am not able to instruct others to do it.  This means that I have been forced to be cautious and plan a response that is manageable and safe. 

I partially close the school with extreme reluctance and I am sorry for any inconvenience this might cause you, please be assured that I have made the decision after fully assessing the risks.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Kate Finch