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Harwich and Dovercourt High School Login details for Learning platforms

Harwich and Dovercourt High School Login details for Learning platforms
October 5, 2022 Belinda Gosling

LOGIN DETAILS for Windows/Email/Google classroom/Google workspace/ Printing:

Username:   22(surname and first initial of first name)

Password:    HDHS22!


Your child will need the Gmail app to access their emails.

Your child’s email address is:  22(surname and initial of first name)  Eg


It would also be useful for you to support your child in setting up their own GO4Schools account and app.

  1. Go to and select Student icon in the top right 
  2. Click on “First Time User”
  3. Use their school email address (only this email address will work)
  4. Set a password
  5. Download the mobile app “ GO 4 Schools” 
  6. Login with the details they have signed up with.
  7. This link will sort any other problems

Parents should also be accessing GO4schools with their own email, THIS MUST BE THE SAME EMAIL you have registered with the school.

MATHS – SPARX – Passwords can be obtained from your child’s own Maths teacher.   Students can email staff direct ie:

Information can be found at the following link:

BEDROCK (English) – Usernames and passwords will be shared with students in class. Alternatively, students can use their school Google details to access Bedrock. You can also receive login details from your child’s English teacher via email ie: 

EDUCAKE and SENECA can be signed into by clicking on ‘Sign in with Google’.


EDUCAKE (science) – Password from your child’s own science teacher who they can email directly themselves ie:

SENECA (Humanities) – you need to google SENECA then create an account using your school email

If your child does not know their teacher’s first name, type the teacher’s surname in the address box on the email.  All of the addresses with that name will appear.