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Letter to Parents and Carers including Ofsted Report

Letter to Parents and Carers including Ofsted Report
November 5, 2021 Belinda Gosling

Dear Parent/Carer,

Thank you for your support in the students returning after the half term break looking prepared to belong and prepared to cooperate in their uniforms and attitude to learning. 

Please can I take this opportunity, given the drop in temperatures this week, to remind you about the no hoodie rule and to remind you that anyone in need of help in the purchase of a coat for your child, please contact the year team and we will support you.

You will remember that we were inspected by Ofsted at the end of September and I am very happy to tell you that the report has now been written and will appear on the Ofsted site on 11th November.  Please find a copy of the report here for your information:  HDHS Ofsted Report September 2021 

Our students presented themselves extremely well throughout the inspection, but no different to how they present themselves all year round, just one of the reasons I am so proud of their behaviour and attitudes.  

The students spoke very well about their learning and it was very interesting to hear how fluent and articulate they were in describing not just what they are learning but how they are learning. Please ask your child about what they are studying at the moment and they will detail for you some interesting things with an explanation of how they are managing to learn so effectively.  

Please remember that you can see all the homework your child has on Go4Schools at any time as well as their positive behaviour points.  If you need any support with how to log on to Go4Schools, please do not hesitate to contact us or drop into school with your phone and we will help you to get started.

Yours faithfully,


Mrs K Finch