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Year 11 Prom 1st July

Year 11 Prom 1st July
June 18, 2021 Belinda Gosling
Dear Year 11 Student and Parent,

It has been challenging this week to find a solution to being able to hold the prom within government regulations and adhering to covid-secure measures.  However, we have managed to arrange an alternative to be held on the same evening as planned, 1st July.
The celebration event will take place in our school grounds.  It will still include arrival by car, if desired, evening wear, music, food and a photograph.
Students are asked to arrive from 5.30pm onwards at our vehicle entrance in the middle of Hall Lane where the red carpet will be waiting for them.  We must insist that parents are not permitted on site at all.  Please can I encourage you to take your own photos before the students leave for the event and I must insist that you do not gather in Hall Lane.  Gatherings of more than 30 people are not permitted until 19th July and as such I cannot be held responsible for any gatherings of that size.
Students will be led through to the celebration area, where there will be seating, decoration, presentations and music, all outside.  Food and drinks will be served as the evening progresses and the photographer will be there to take photos.  Students will be encouraged to be socially distanced and can wear masks if they choose.  The event will end at 9.30pm and students will be making their own way home from the school.
Finer details will be confirmed by the year team next week.
The cost of the tickets is reduced in line with just covering our own costs, as you will be aware we do not make a profit from any event ticket pricing.  The full price tickets are now £12.50 and will be available to purchase via ParentPay from Tuesday 22nd June.   VIVO discounts will continue to be applied automatically.  If you have already paid for a ticket then 50% of the ticket value will be refunded.
If you have any queries about this event being within restrictions, please see the government website and the guidance sent from the DfE specifically about end of year 11 celebration events.
I am very happy that we can make a great celebration evening within the restrictions to congratulate our fantastic year group on their school achievements, thank you for your support with it.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs Finch