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Register now for your Year 7 & 9 Photographs

Register now for your Year 7 & 9 Photographs
September 9, 2020 Belinda Gosling
In Archived News
Dear Parent
Carmel Jane Photography will be attending the school on 24th September 2020 to take the individual portraits for year 7 & 9. All Parents must pre register, before the photography date above.  This is important as it enables you to gain quick access to your child’s photographs and the opportunity to purchase them.
To do this, you will need to go to  and enter the following code:


You will then be asked to pre register and create an account using your email address and your child’s full school register name.  By pre registering, when the photos are ready you will receive an automatic email notification to inform you, your child’s photos are now ready to be viewed and purchased.
All orders will be sent to your home address free of charge for a 2 week window.
Don’t miss out pre register today!
Kind Regards
Carmel Jane
Please note that all students present on this day will be photographed as the school requires a copy of this image for our school database in order to identify students. Only staff members have access to this database. The photograph will also be used on the student’s cashless catering card, to provide a further level of security at the point of purchasing food. The photograph is not used in any other context.