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Year 8 Football report

Year 8 Football report
March 2, 2017 hdhsadmin
The year 8 football team played their first coastal schools league game of the season away at CCHS.
The game started in an extremely competitive fashion with both sides making some excellent challenges and applying great pressure.
Will Hercus, Kyle Elmer and Harvey Bennett all had to make tackles early on. CCHS took the lead after 15 minutes after a great piece of play moving the HDHS right back out of position.
The game continued in a really entertaining competitive fashion. The HDHS midfield which included Tom Newland, Cameron Brunsden and Joe Henderson were working extremely hard to shut down any spaces.
After half time HDHS pushed up an extra 5 yards which made a huge different and started to generate chances. Alex Ashworth, Charlie Wotten and Joe Armes all went close with efforts. At this stage it was 50/50 end to end action. CCHS then scored a wonder goal following a HDHS goal kick. Despite the set back Tom Newland still went close for HDHS late on.
This is the best I have seen the team play in terms of organisation and commitment. Man of the match Will Hercus