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Filming of ITV’s Game Show Catchphrase

Filming of ITV’s Game Show Catchphrase
November 4, 2016 hdhsadmin
On Thursday the 3rd November, Year 11 Media Students were able to watch the filming of ITV’s Game Show Catchphrase.
As the AQA Media GCSE exam topic is Television Game Shows, it was an excellent opportunity for students to see how a real game show is filmed and study it’s structure and format. Students were able to see the use of autocues, voice overs and multi camera use in action. They were able to observe all the different jobs and roles involved in producing a Game Show such as the Floor Manager, Make Up Artists, Runners and they even got to see Stephen Mulhern behind the scenes!
Students were impeccably behaved and a credit to the school- especially as the studio was FREEZING cold and we had to wear our coats during filming! Well done Year 11 and good luck in your Media Exam!
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