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Year 11 Rugby HDHS 4 – CCHS 5

Year 11 Rugby HDHS 4 – CCHS 5
October 6, 2016 hdhsadmin

Year 11 Harwich, travelled to Clacton with a shortened side having already played once this week. Two players down and up against it was always going to be a tough match. Clacton started well however it wasn’t long before Harwich inside centre, Phillip Sebastion ran the pitch with a great try to end an amazing run. For Harwich’s next try Phillip Sebastian broke the defensive line, as he got tackled he offloaded to Joe Taylor who sped around 2 players to score a great try. The next try was scored by Zak Keeley who used his strength to push through the middle of their team resulting in an amazing try. One try behind with a few minutes to go George Webb got the ball out of the scum and sprinted for the try line, he dived but the referee deemed the ball to of been knocked on. The last try from Harwich was awarded to Kian Smith who pushed his way through the whole team to just about reach the line. With minutes to go Taylor Warner took the ball and darted for the line, yet again the ref deemed the try disallowed, this time the ball to be held up.
Near to the end of the match Phillip dashed through the team again and scored a try but it was unfortunately disallowed because he slid an inch over the line.
A great effort from a tiered side but Harwich lost the game 5 tries to 4.

Match report written by Tyler Beezley.

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