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NEEEP A* Year 9 English Challenge Day

NEEEP A* Year 9 English Challenge Day
June 30, 2016 hdhsadmin

Ben Ewing, Cody Double, Alex Wallace, Madison Smith, Chloe Colbourne, Macy Levett and Harry Cook teamed up with students from Stanway, St Helena, CCHS, TLA, and Manningtree into 12 groups.

They practised using various reading skills and linguistic devices with the aim in producing an effective, convincing and compelling speech around various allocated topics of discussion. Each team had 2 groups, 1 group for their chosen subject and the other group with an opposite point of view.

They were all amazing, communicating clearly and reaching the audience with their points of view. Pleased to say that our Ben Ewing was with the overall winning team.

Finally, all the year 9’s were well behaved, came across professional and very grown up.

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