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Resistant Materials Catch up sessions

Resistant Materials Catch up sessions
February 9, 2015 hdhsadmin
There will be Resistant Materials catch-up days for students to complete their practical project and folder work. I would strongly recommend your child attends these sessions to complete the coursework on time, enabling us to move on to exam preparation/theory as soon as possible. The final deadline for the coursework is fast approaching and with it accounting for 60% of the overall grade it is vital this is finished promptly and to a suitable standard.The Technology department (H Block) will be open for 3 days in the half term holiday, with this being split to suit both Resistant Materials classes. Students need to attend the days when their teacher is present. The sessions will be from 9.00am – 3.00pm.• Monday 16th February – Mr Cherry
• Tuesday 17th February – Mr Cherry and Mr Turner
• Wednesday 18th February – Mr Turner