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Harwich Millennium Embroideries

Harwich Millennium Embroideries
July 12, 2014 hdhsadmin

Students may have noticed recently that our school canteen, The Lighthouse, is now home to the Harwich Millennium Embroideries. These embroideries depict 1,000 years of Harwich history. They were removed from the walls of Harwich International Port in early 2012 and we are delighted to have been asked to have them in our School.

The 30ft display of 15 tapestries is worth £10,000 and took ten people to create. It was previously on show to welcome tourists to the town, but was taken down during refurbishments.

Christine Britton of the Harwich and Dovercourt Embroideries Trust, is delighted the wall hanging has finally gone up in its new home.

She said: “It really is lovely. Hopefully it will help the children with their history and they will enjoy it. I think it is a lovely home for it and hopefully it will be open to the public at times so everyone can enjoy it as well. There were only ten of us so it took five years to make and 18 months’ research.”

Acting Headteacher Lynne Gettings said: “It is an enormous privilege for the embroidery to be on display in our school dining hall where it can be admired by the community.

“It is a stunning work of art which represents not just the rich history of the town, but captures the incredible talent and passion of the members of Harwich and Dovercourt Millennium Embroideries Trust.”

The embroideries once wowed the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh when she asked to see the tapestries when they visited Harwich in 2004.

A selection of photos of the embroidery are now available on our galleries page