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Hair Show 2014

Hair Show 2014
May 16, 2014 hdhsadmin

On Friday May 9th the doors of the 3rd annual HDHS Hair show opened 7 days later than initially planned, due to the Fire fighters strike the Friday before. We had a record audience of 200 people; made up of the students families and friends, local hairdressing salons, barbers and teachers eagerly awaiting the 56 models that had been styled for the event. The show is very important as it is an assessment piece for the VRQ qualification as well as being the competition of the year! Over the past term students have been researching, designing mood boards and developing their skills to create immaculate styles.

The historical theme for the event was the 1920’s – an extremely challenging era of hairdressing! We were particularly lucky this year as Ange from Alter Ego Salon, Colchester, came to the School salon and demonstrated some 1920s techniques including finger waves and pin curls.

For those of you that have no clue as to the amount of preparation involved in coiffuring our models, year 10, 11 and 12, students began preparing the hair at 1pm and the show began at 6.30pm. Never has a truer phrase been coined than ‘ blood, sweat and tears’! The students worked really hard and were very professional.

Year 10 opened the show with the theme of ‘Love’. Each model’s hair had to styled incorporating a plait or braid – Kayleigh Kent even braided a butterfly design out of her models own hair!

Year 11 then presented ‘Vogue’ with models hair and clothing reflecting beautiful past covers of this glossy magazine. Chelsea Waldock treated spectators to the choreographed dance movements of Madonna’s Vogue video!

Year 12’s show piece theme was ‘Sky High’. They created sky scrapingly high hair! There was an ornate bird cage woven into the hair, beehives and Miss Johnson strutted down the runway glamorously styled into a 1960’s inspired look.

During the interval raffle tickets were sold in aid of Cancer Research – this years 6th Form chosen charity – we raised £100! During this time the judges (Nick and Ange from Alter Ego, Tim from Wave, Alison from The Studio and Mrs Myers) were busy behind the scenes intricately assessing the students’ work.

The second half of the show was all about the 1920’s. Year 12 chose their theme around the movie Chicago creating some fantastic styles incorporating finger waves. This was technically very challenging!

Year 10 and 11’s models then took to the stage and demonstrated their skills through their interpretation of the Bugsy Malone song ‘We could have been anything that we wanted to be’. The models wore red and black 1920’s sequinned Flapper dresses which shimmied as they walked. Miss Parks strutted down the catwalk looking amazing and elegant!

The finale then took centre stage where all the stylists and their models donned the catwalk to rapturous applause from the appreciative crowd! The tension became more intense as the students realised that it was time to
announce the winners. The audience stamped their feet in anticipation and cheered as the following winners were announced;

• Year 10 – Love – Jazmine Archer-Farrands
• Year 11 – Vogue – Chelsea Waldock
• Year 12 – Sky High – Katie Floyd
• Year 10 – 1920’s – Esther Udokwe
• Year 11 – 1920’s – Tamera Rawlinson
• Year 12 – 1920’s – Katie Floyd

Best in show, unanimously, went to Katie Floyd for her Sky High Model created in the theme of a 3 tier wedding cake with flowers cascading down.

Of course, the event could not have taken place without the hard work of so many members of staff. Mr Turner made his first ever appearance for us safely escorting the models from the stage to the catwalk! It was a fantastic evening with a much higher standard of work than seen previously. Well done to all the hairdressing ladies involved and thank you to our fabulous models!

To view our gallery of the event please click below